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What D.A artists do with my stock images...Marvelous things!


....................................................UPDATE AT JULY 15 2013!!!

I just wanted to invite you all to my new Victorian-Edweardian forum (in spanish) called, "Darkvictoriana". There you can colaborate with info, images and all about Victorian and Edwardian era and also, if you like, Roleplay of era (We had two, one of Victorian in 1874 and other of Edwardian in 1900s) . So, if you like the idea and you have no problems with Spanish language, join us!!

---------------------------------------------UPDATED RULES!

WELCOME TO THE FINEST D.A VINTAGE STOCK PAGE!. Here you will find just hi res images to use!

Well, finally i ve decided to create an account to have just Stock images.The other one will be for my work recolorizing pictures and etc etc.

I used to have another huge stock folder in my other account but i felt annoyed about the tons of messages and notes about "hey i used your stock" over there, so I deleted it with all the images. Sorry i have no patience to respond each message and add to favorites.

For the question "Where do you find these old images" ?

A- A few of the images over here are mine (scanned) the rest came from cds with compilations of public domain images. Since my life doesnt turn around the inet, i have NO TIME to look for authors, models, photographers and stuff. All those image, except a few of them scanned BY ME, are PUBLIC DOMAIN, so you re free to use them without guilt.

For Public domain meaning, read this…

Rules...just a few

1)When you use some of my stock for artwork, here or another website (redbubble, Flickr..) LET ME KNOW!! (in THIS account) and of course, CREDIT ME (for stock sharing purposes. A link back to the image you used, its O.K). This is , as a said before (but i need the obligation to repeat this to make it clear), its for SHARING AND SPREADING PURPOSE ex : You use one of the images you found here and someone sees your work and would like to use the same image. That s why the "link back" rule exist. Understood?

2) This stock is just for ART. If you want to use an image in another website (blogs or some article) also let me know and credit  this page (link back to the imaged you used its enough). THESE IMAGES ARE NOT FOR FLICKR GALLERIES , FOTOLOG OR OTHER SITES...JUST FOR ART!!!, but still, if you gonna use them in one of those sites, read rule n-1 about linking back for sharing and spreading purpose.

3)Have Fun!!!

I feel the need to update these three simple rules since there have been doubt about the provenance of the images  and complaints about how in the world im putting my own rules in other people´s images (if you see them., there s nothing terrible about them. Its all about sharing, no?). If you wanna use one of these images and no link back to this page, GO AHEAD. Do your own research about the image itself and give credits to those who made it 100 years ago. As i said before, those are PUBLIC DOMAIN images so, use them  as you like and have fun doing it.


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